Toulouse is a good starting point to ride either the Canal de Garonne toward Bordeaux or the Canal du Midi toward Sete.

The Canal des Deux Mers:

The Canal Lateral à la Garonne (or Canal de Garonne or Canal Latérale) and the Canal du Midi form the Canal des Deux Mers which links the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean see. Both start from Toulouse, the Canal du Midi flows toward Sete. It was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet during the 17th century to allow boats to sail to Sete while the Garonne's river was no navigable. The Canal Lateral will be achived in 1856.

Ressources to prepare your trip along the canal:

Official website to plan your cycling trip on the Canal

Map of the Canal du Midi and de Garonne

What kind of bike is needed to ride the Canal?

Between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the pavement is really nice, so you can use a bike with thin tires like a road bike or a hybrid. Between Toulouse and Sete, there are rough part on wich you need wider tires especially if there are humid conditions. For recerational cyclists, the hybrid is the best option, it allows to carry heavier load for a multi-day-trip.

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Toulouse, a cycling friendly city.

Starting from Toulouse is a good option as you can either ride toward Bordeaux or Sete.

Toulouse is the 4th city in France, with a nice cycling network (520 km of cycling path). The "ville rose" offer a wide range of points of interest: La place du Capitole, la Basilique Saint-Sernin, Les Jacobins, Les Augustins, le Pont Neuf.


How to access to Toulouse:

There is an international airport located in Blagnac few minutes away from Toulouse'town center which is easily accessible by tramway.

The central station Matabiau is served by regional train and high speed train. You can travel with bikes for free in regional train (TER) without booking, whereas you need booking in other trains.

Want to break a record?

There is a challenge which consists of riding the 242 km between Toulouse and Sete on the canal in less than 12 hours. Many parameters have to be considered like the weather conditions especially the wind direction, the type of bike gravel, road, cross, mountain or hybrid, and the food!

Alexandre Ricaud of Krapa rando has a 10 Hours and 48 minutes on October, 6, 2017, so are you tempted???

Check the itinerary of the Canal challenge on openrunner saved by Alex Ricaud.

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